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Allegro coffee, Ethiopia Sidamo Titira, review

Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Titira coffee by Allegro, purchased at Whole Foods. I was surprised that I really did not like this light-roast coffee. We purchased it ground, and tried it both drip with a paper filter and in a french press. It has a strong green flavor which was unpleasant. Possibly the first bag of coffee I've been unwilling to finish unless I mix it with something else first!

Bad Penny Brown Ale

From Big Boss Brewing Company, in Raleigh, NC. Local for me. This beer is one my wife and I agree on. It's dark enough for me, and not too bitter for her. I go for porters and stouts as a rule, and avoid the hoppy lighter beers. This is just a bit lighter than a porter, but it is slightly sweet, which I think appeals to her. So a good second six to keep next to whatever seasonal dark I pick up.