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Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Engrossing, great airplane read. I really like the few different types of mysteries involved, and how the characters recognized the classic 'locked room' mystery type, while poking at the boundaries. One of several listings at PBSwap .

Review: The Indian Clerk by David Leavitt

Math! War. Rarefied intellectuals, often gay men, confronting the first world-war. And trying to solve one of the long-standing mysteries of mathematics: the Riemann hypothesis . I enjoyed the varied characters, many unfamiliar, and the alien feel of the setting, even though it's not that far away or long ago. It did take me a long time to finish, just being interrupted by other things, and shorter books. I'm glad I read it. At PBSwap .

Review: Beyond Fear by Bruce Schneier.

I've finished Beyond Fear by Bruce Schneier. I enjoyed it, mostly, and now I'm writing about it 2 months after finishing. I was surprised at the number of examples he used that I didn't remember, or hadn't heard about to begin with. I read his blog, so most messages are reinforced there. I'm mostly posting to remember when I read it. 6/25/10. :)

Why VB script can destroy an installer

We've had it with VB script. We've been using Visual Studio 2005 Standard installation projects for a few years, and we needed some custom setup that was outside the standard abilities of the install projects. So I wrote some '.vbs' files to perform these actions. Things like copying config files that were different for every customer, and copying a data directory that might have different stuff in it. We have had so many failures of these scripts, that I'm switching installers completely - to InnoSetup . Virus checkers would block the scripts from executing. The script would fail to set permissions properly. If there was some dust on the DVD, it would fail to copy the data, and roll back the whole install. And the only error message it could report is 'A script needed by this installer failed....' with no useful information. I'm planning to follow up with information about what I've discovered about InnoSetup. So far, it's all good.