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An experiment: embedding google maps

Here's the Battle Branch Trail green space: View Battle Branch in a larger map

Make: Online : OpenStreetMap: The Maker's Map

Make: Online : OpenStreetMap: The Maker's Map : Just found another connection to OpenStreetMap, Gmaps Pedometer , which has the 'OSM' overlay. My office mate maps his bike rides on it. OSM is pretty amazing already - it shows the houses in my neighborhood with accurate sizes and positions. And here's a cycle-centric view, OpenCycleMap . This is fun.

Google toolbar and the Gmail tiny box

Once in a while my Google toolbar in Firefox will refuse to show me my Gmail. The Gmail icon will show whether I have mail or not, but clicking on the button does nothing (it normally opens Gmail), and clicking the menu triangle shows a tiny box with nothing in it (it normally shows either the subject of the new mail I've received, or a 'refresh' option). The problem persists if you restart Firefox (I'm using 3.6.x, but it's happened for quite some time). The solution is to clear cookies: Tools menu, Clear Recent History, change the time-range to Everything, and uncheck everything except Cookies. Restart Firefox, login to Google, and your Gmail button is back to normal. Update: Could be just logging out of the toolbar and logging back in fixes it, too? 

wxWidgets wxMemoryFS bug with filenames

This one drove me crazy this afternoon, using wxWidgets 2.8.8. Not the most recent, but I haven't found any notes that says it's been fixed. I added a file to a MemoryFS wxString name = "C:\data\my_file.txt"; wxMemoryFSHandler::AddFile(name, out_s.GetString()); //(where second arg is the file contents as a string) but then I couldn't retrieve it: wxFileSystem fs; wxFSFile *fs_file = fs.OpenFile("memory:"+name); if (!fs_file) return; // fs_file always NULL, so I'd get an early return Turns out, when trying to look up the file, filesys.cpp:: MakeCorrectPath is called on the string that's passed in, so it converted back-slashes to forward-slashes, and the names weren't equivalent. I did this: wxString name = "C:\data\my_file.txt"; name.Replace("\\", "/"); wxMemoryFSHandler::AddFile(name, out_s.GetString()); and now I'm able to retrieve it. 8Oct 10 Update: I submitted a defect .