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Feeds I might read, but don't have time for...

I'm purging my feed reader: Economics catergory BuzzMachine Cheap Talk Freakonomics-nyt I stopped when they killed full-feed. Free exch. Economist Nudges The Becker-Posner Blog The Undercover Economist Economics There are several others I do follow, but these I'm purging....

Photography - The Ruins of Detroit

Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre Photography - The Ruins of Detroit I know I've seen these before. Stunning photos. 'Decaying monuments', in Detroit. It's hard to imagine them lasting like the Coliseum of Rome, but the parallel is clear. Michigan Central Station I've seen a whole set of this building alone.... William Livingstone House United Artists Theater Bank Vault Wow. Yikes.

Why Cycle 9 -

Why Cycle 9 - I'm impressed with the trade-in program. I'm thinking about the balance-bike option for my 2yr old... I really want an electric bike.

Beyond Fear in progress

I'm reading Beyond Fear by Bruce Schneier. I'm most struck by examples of security failures. 'Hole in the wall' gangs that make a hole in the side of a house/building to avoid the security system. The airplane hijacker who demanded $200K and 4 parachutes when he landed, then took off again and jumped out the back staircase. Apparently inspired a bunch of copycats, which then prompted modification of the 727 rear staircase so it couldn't be opened during flight! He also says insects are often great examples of attack/response evolving, in weird ways. Fun so far.

It has to be a spiral

From Make: This is not a spiral Optical illusions are fun.