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Mobius storytelling

From game theorist . Life on a transparency.

Review: Create Your Own Economy by Tyler Cowen

Interesting book, surprisingly easy to digest. It comes back repeatedly to the cognitive strengths of autistics and autistic-spectrum people. Ordering information is a desired and powerful ability online, where most of us are nowadays. In paperback as The Age of the Infovore . PBSwap link: Create Your Own Economy: The Path to Prosperity in a Disordered World

Investing Graphic NYTimes

In Investing, It’s When You Start and When You Finish - Graphic - : Interesting presentation of S&P 500 results for long periods, using a nifty block chart. via FlowingData

List of common misconceptions - XKCD universe

List of common misconceptions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . XKCD is right.