The Sum of All Fears, by Tom Clancy

The Sum of All Fears
Author: Tom Clancy
ISBN-13: 9780425184226
ISBN-10: 0425184226
Book Type: Paperback

I stayed up late finishing it. Compelling read. The final note from Tom Clancy tells how worried and amazed he is that it would be relatively easy for a rich and secretive person to fabricate a hydrogen bomb, given some access to raw materials, as in the novel. Engrossing, entertaining, _and_ made me think - the best traits in a spy novel. I have not yet seen the movie.

My only objection: it's too long (~900 pages). It suffers with sub-plots that are developed and then thrown away after interacting briefly with the main story line. It all ties together, but some of the ties are to weak and coincidental to be interesting.

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