Asus Eee PC 900

Fun! I got my hands on an Eee PC for a few days. The 900 has a 8.9 inch screen, and most significantly it´s 1024 pixels wide. That´s enough that most web pages render normally without side scrolling. I find all the web sites I´ve visited to be usable, perhaps with google reader getting a bit cramped.

I was actually most curious about the keyboard, which is why I´m writing this post. I´m finding that most letters are easy to hit without making typos, but the extra keys are the challenge - I´m retyping my quotes and dashes and things several times, and erasing the stray Enter keys that show up when I try to kit the shift key or ´ key. But after just a few paragraphs I´m getting the hang of it, so I don´t really thing it would be a problem to get used to.

I find touchpads a bit annoying, and this one is no exception. Mostly, I find that when I´m trying to drag or just move the cursor a long distance, it seems to think I´ve tapped - random clicks in the middle of my intended action tend to mess me up. Since I have that problem with most touch pads, I don´t blame the Eee.

The 900 is slick. 16 Gb of SSD for stuff, a nice Linux based system, presented through a simple interface that I think my mom could get used to. Not so sure about the small keyboard for her, though. Anyhow, I´m convinced. I just have to come up with some reason why I need it, or for my friend to let me keep it. Fat chance, I know, but I´m working on it.


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