CVS, cvsnt, and Norton Antivirus

Here's a friendly way to start your day:
$ cvs update
cvs [update aborted]: cannot rename file CVS/Entries.Backup to CVS/Entries: Permission denied
This error occurs at random part way through the update, on a different directory each time. There are no files named Entries.Backup in the directory I'm trying to update.
Or how about this one?
cvs update: cannot remove xml directory: Directory not empty
Guess what fixed the problem? Disabling Norton AntiVirus 2009 on my CVS server. No, not the client (my development PC), where I'm running the 'cvs update' command and don't even have anti-virus installed. The Windows XP box that's running CVS NT server.

I was clued in when I was able to replicate the problem using cygwin cvs or cvsnt cvs, and inside WinCVS too. So it's not the fact that I just re-installed Windows on the client. It seems that this clean, speedy box is now too fast for the server to keep up with, but only if Norton is doing SOMETHING STUPID on my server to cause problems.

What a waste of hours... I hate Norton.

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