Emacs 22.3 on Windows

I've been using Emacs 21.3 happily for years. Since 2003 apparently, because I looked at the release dates today when I discovered a new version 22 had been released this year for the first time in a long time. Here's what I found.
  • Happily, the gnuclientw function has been integrated, as emacsclientw, and all that's needed in .emacs is (start server)
  • They recommend setting an environment var for some reason: set ALTERNATE_EDITOR to runemacs.exe
  • Now I can associate files with emacsclientw.exe to open them in my current emacs session. However, add the '-n' argument so it doesn't maintain a link to explorer, and ask you to hit a keystroke to release the editing buffer. A puzzling default behavior.
I also had to get rid of 'lazy-lock' and 'resize-minibuffer-mode' from my .emacs, but that was it. I turned off the toolbar, too, of course. Easy, painless upgrade.

I was surprised when it was slow to shut down the first time, but it has been much faster each time since. After a long time open, it is still noticably slow to shut down.


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