Inno Setup and recursive installers

We've got a recursive installer in our Inno Setup script. What I mean is that our main setup program installs another setup program (for a viewer), so that the user can copy/install that viewer program at a later date.

Here's how to do that in an Inno Setup script:
Source: {src}\viewer_cd\*; DestDir: {app}\viewer_cd\; Flags: external recursesubdirs replacesameversion
all on one line, of course. I discovered today that Flags: replacesameversion is critical, because it causes the 'setup.exe' file inside that folder to be replaced during debugging. Before I put that flag in, I tested my main installer, then ran the viewer setup.exe, and it ran an old version, with bugs I thought I'd fixed! How annoying. Now setup.exe will get replaced, even if it has the same embedded 'version' info.
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