Review: The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization, by Thomas L. Friedman

I read it, it took a while. I found myself annoyed with keeping track of all the analogies. He'd introduce a concept, then say, "This is something I call the Golden Straightjacket" and I'd think What a strange name, why do I need a shorthand for this? And then he'd refer to it several times. There were lots and lots of these, DOScapital 1.0, Electronic Herd, bleck. Here's an amazon review that was annoyed, too.

I did find it informative, but I think I'm going to read 'Guns germs and steel' before any more of his later books.

PBSwap link. Reminded me that he mentions Enron's management with approval, and found their use of derivatives inevitable.

A scattered review. I finished the book ~1 month ago, so I'm forgetting pieces.


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