Books I've been reading A

I keep meaning to post what I've read...

Reality is Broken: Why are games so much more satisfying than real life? How can we make life more like a game to motivate game-players? Stuck in my mind: Tombstone hold-em, played in a cemetery to help use think about death in a non-depressing way. Headstones make up the two-card hold.

Wings of Fire series - kids books, my son William read them first, dragons! 5 book series with each book told from the viewpoint of one of the 'dragonets of destiny', who are supposed to stop a dragon war.

Lost years of Merlin - read aloud to my family.

The Penderwicks - read aloud. Stuck: OAP == 'oldest available Penderwick' i.e. whose in charge, or who gets blamed.

The Knowledge - still in progress - what you need to know to reboot civilization after it collapses for some reason. Cool distillation of many cool facts about technology and science. Did you know rubbing steel wool on a 9V battery can start a fire?

Game of Thrones - finally read book 5 after the TV show started using a few things from that book!

Links to come.


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