Doxygen warning: Internal inconsistency: member MyEnunVal does not belong to any container!

Found an weird Doxygen-ism today. Related to a doxygen list post, I found that if I had an `enum class` inside a namespace that was undocumented, I got this warning:

Generating XML o/home/aron.helser/projects/cmb/smtk/src/smtk/io/mesh/MeshIO.h:31: warning: Internal inconsistency: member EntireResource does not belong to any container!

The code that generated this error is from smtk. The outer namespaces are already documented.

namespace smtk
namespace io
/// Mesh IO <<< adding this documentation fixed the warning.
namespace mesh

/// Mesh subset types
enum class Subset : unsigned int

Hope that helps another confused Doxygen user.


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