Our App on Vista

What's different about Vista, for an application written for Windows XP?
  • We write a config file in our application directory. When the user changes preferences, they are written to the config file. On XP, this file is located at C:/Program Files/DeltaSphere/bin/SceneVision-3D.cfg. Vista pretends that the file is still located there, but silently redirects it to C:/Users/username/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files/DeltaSphere/bin/SceneVision-3D.cfg. Got it?
  • We need to update some drivers to Vista specific ones.
  • We use the installer from VS2005 standard, and that seems to work fine
    • We even use visual-basic scripts in the installer, and those still work. I bet Norton will still complain, though, just like on XP.
  • We have a splash-screen app that auto-runs from our install CD, and Vista complains that it is unsigned.
That's about it. Not too bad. I was prepared for much worse. Of course, we aren't really following the standards for where to locate our data and such, but we won't worry about that for the first round. Only one customer has tried to run on Vista so far, anyway.

At least they got rid of 'My' everywhere. It's just 'Computer' now. And shared docs go in the 'Public' folder, which makes more sense than 'Shared'.


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